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Frequently asked questions

Starting your journey as a taekwondo student is exciting, but it can also be a little daunting. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that may help. We also encourage you to talk to your instructors, fellow students and parents. Open and active communication creates a stable, supportive learning environment

At what age can I start taekwondo training?


Most children should be ready to begin taekwondo training from the age of 3 year old. All students need to have at least a basic understanding of moral concepts and of the consequences of their actions. They also need to be able to understand and follow instructions, and be able to maintain reasonable focus over an hour-long class, otherwise they will not be able to benefit from the training.

Will student receive any certificate?


Yes. Ssang Yong Kwan masters are authorised by Kukkiwon to conduct Taekwondo testing and issue black belt certificates.


How many classes per week can I do?

We encourage you to do 2 to 3 classes per week. Everyone needs at least 2 classes for maximum physical and mindset results.


For color belt:  at least 1-2 classes per week.

For black belt:  at least 3-4 classes per week.

What kind of championships do you run and how often?

We hold club championships for all belt levels at least once a year and would participate in oversea competition. 


Can I organise a private program?

Yes, Ssang Yong Kwan private programs are very popular. You can work one-on-one with a private instructor or in a small group to hone a difficult skill, achieve a specific goal or just catch up on a class.

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