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Master Jack Eom

Grand Master

Chief Instructs at:

Tai Koo Centre

Master Jack Eom

Master Jack Eom began his Taekwondo training at the age of three in South Korea and has been studying and teaching taekwondo for almost 30 years in both the South Korea and Hong Kong. He studied at Jeonju University until beginning his military service in Korea. He is an enthusiastic instructor with a focus on building self-confidence, character, and skill in students through mental and physical discipline.

In his classroom, he uses an encouraging, yet challenging approach that allows all participants to progress at their own level by setting and achieving individual goals. Master Jack is a 6th dan black belt (Issued by Kukkiwon, Headquarters of Taekwondo), and has helped in the establishment of Cheung Do Kwan in Hong Kong, and its becoming one of the well regarded Taekwondo Centres in Hong Kong. In addition, Master Jack had instructed at different club houses, including Aberdeen Marina Club, American Club Hong Kong, Grand Promenade, Redhill Peninsula Club and Repulse Bay Club, etc. 

Achievements in previous years

  • World Taekwondo Federation Black Belt 6th Dan;

  • Taekwondo Centre - Cheung Do Kwan - Hong Kong,  Chief Master of Fortress Hill Centre; Master - Taikoo Centre;

  • Taekwondo Master at Aberdeen Marina Club, American Club Hong Kong, Grand Promenade, Redhill Peninsula Club and Repulse Bay Club, etc;

  • Cheung Do Kwan - Hong Kong, Demonstration Team Coach;

  • Korea Sparring Team National Player;

  • Taekwondo Team of "Maeng Ho" Military Unit at Republic of Korea Armed Forces (2007 - 2009);

  • Korea 25th Superintendent of Educations' Taekwondo Competition - Team Award - Champion.

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