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My family has had the honor and pleasure of being taught Tae Kwon-Do by Master Sam and Master Jack for the past six years. First I signed my six-year-old son up, and my little son two years later, I watched their classes for 3 years and didn’t even think I can do it, thanks for Master Sam and Master Jack, I’m black belt now.


Two masters are passionate about reinforcing all of the things we try to instill at home… confidence, respect, kindness, strength, perseverance and a dedication to achieving goals and doing best.  They are not just teaching us skills in Taekwondo, they are teaching the skills for life.


Thank you to Master Sam and Master Jack for everything you have done for our family. We are extremely grateful.

Agnes Chan

A big THANK YOU to Master Jack and Master Sam for teaching my whole family taekwondo.  We all enjoy TKD very much and it's something we look forward to every single week.  Our confidence and persistence have skyrocketed since joining.  Most importantly, Master Jack and Master Sam teach us not only TKD skills, but also TKD spirit.  Their motto of "Try your best" and "Never give up" would be useful for the rest of our life.

Ivy Chan

I started Tae Kwon Do with other gym at the beginning in Hong Kong 2008. I didn't realise that i was practicing ITF (North Korean TKD). For some reason it didn't fit me. So I searched a lot about WTF TKD in Hong Kong. And I found twin masters. when I saw master Sam and Jack's TKD skills, I knew that I found the right place in town. Today I became 3rd Dan practicing TKD together with both masters. Simply, they are the best one in town without any doubt. It's so easy to see. Not only that. I've never seen any masters who's fully responsible about their teaching and working so hard. Therefore I trust this twin masters and definitely I'll recommend them to anyone who likes to practice TKD.

Mimi Han

My children were six and seven years old when they started Taekwondo with Master Jack and Master Sam. It has been an amazing journey: not only have they learnt taekwondo and self-defense, but also discipline, self-control, self-confidence, courtesy and perseverance. They have learnt to do their best, set goals and work towards them. All these skills will serve them well in in their life. As they have reached higher belts, they have been given opportunities to develop leadership skills while helping younger students  Master Jack and Master Sam have been wonderful role models, and they are excellent in providing feedback, and have kept the learning challenging but rewarding. My children are now in secondary school and have third degree black belts, and I am so happy that they still want to continue taekwondo under the guidance of Master Jack and Master Sam. 

Tarja Joro

My children took Taekwondo with Master Jack and Master Sam for three years when we lived in Hong Kong. They are excellent instructors, and I highly recommend them.  Taekwondo is a great sport and Taekwondo practice and tests teach the children self-confidence and manners. Taekwondo also supports other sports by improving stamina, strength, coordination and speed.


We miss the Masters and the Taekwondo lessons very much!

Sophia Rao

In just less than two years, I’ve improved my overall fitness and strength while doing Taekwondo with Master Sam. I did not think I would have the persistence to continue practicing Taekwondo at the age of 43. But under Master Sam’s instructions, not only have I been able to attain the standards required for my belt tests, I have also developed an immense interest in the art of Taekwondo. Thank you Master Sam! 

Angel Wan

Time flies when you have fun. It’s so much fun doing Taekwondo with Master Sam. I can do 3 hours non-stop! 

Nicholas Wan

It’s such a fortune for me to start practising Taekwondo in 2016. I had been a sickly child before started to practice Taekwondo, and now, I have become stronger and more powerful because of training in Taekwondo.


Also, I have met lots of good friends in taekwondo classes too. Not only giving me an opportunity to build a healthy body but also to meet my new friends! Taekwondo really means a lot to me, no wonder why I love this traditional Korean martial art.

Madelaine Chu

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